Valentine's Day gift for women

Valentine's Day gift for women: our luxury ideas

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day with your wife, either as a custom or for the very first time? If giving roses before going to a restaurant is an exquisite gift, it is also one of the most expected... To bring this millennial holiday up to date, as well as to surprise your other half, we have selected a list of gifts for women for Valentine's Day.


A luxury watch as a Valentine's Day gift for women

To make sure you don't miss any important dates with your significant other, why not give her a luxury watch as a Valentine's Day gift? Practical for any occasion, elegant on any wrist, high-end watch designers have fun renewing styles and genres every year.

True to fashion, you can find gift sets from Cluse, a very talented watchmaker. You may also prefer Subtil diamant, which combines precious stones with designer watches. This type of gift for women for Valentine's Day is very popular, as it becomes an indispensable companion to her daily life.

A weekend of a few days in a paradisiacal place

To amaze your other half with your ingenuity, or to blow them away after years as a couple, why not treat them to a weekend of skiing? Temperatures are still very light, with snowy landscapes in the middle and east of France. You might as well take advantage of it by going down the ski slopes of Chamonix, or discovering the various tourist activities of Courchevel.

If your other half is up for an adventure, you can take her to the Canary Islands for a few days, or to Puglia in Italy, if the weather turns warm. 

A designer garment

If you are short of ideas and want to offer something more personal, have you thought of a designer garment? There is no more romantic gift for a woman on Valentine's Day than to choose a garment that matches her taste, her colors and her personality.

Not to mention that a designer garment is perfect since the textiles are of high quality, for a garment that lasts for years and does not lose its shine or softness. We find the timeless Louis Vuitton, with its ready-to-wear collection, which offers this year a cape (black or graphic) with hood. A mid-season garment is perfect for your other half to wear all year round!

Among the great luxury brands, a Gucci stole, Channel gloves or Yves-Saint-Laurent sunglasses are perfect fashion accessories as gifts for women on Valentine's Day.

Put a ring on her finger

A proposal is always romantic on Valentine's Day. Rings with precious stones (diamond, ruby, emerald, etc.) are possible to make it a memorable Valentine's Day gift for women.

For our part, we are still hesitating between the Calvin Klein or Messika collections, two high jewelry brands that have been able to impose the art of their designer. Messika, for its part, reinvents the style of wedding rings, with one or more precious stones always present. Calvin Klein reinvents the forms in all sobriety, for rings finely worked. The choice is almost cornelian!

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