The eternal roses

What is an eternal rose?

The everlasting rose is a completely natural plant that, at some point in its growth, has undergone a very complex stabilization to become everlasting: it is not artificial. This process is also known as freeze-drying. In concrete terms, when the plant has reached the end of its growth, i.e. when it is at its best, the growers freeze-dry it by making it drink a natural preservative liquid.


The main interest of this liquid is to preserve and transpire the flower, which will then get rid of all the molecules that could harm its beauty and longevity, which are mainly present in the stem. Rid of all these harmful molecules, the eternal rose will not have any more risk to fade, which will make of it a plant able to remain as elegant as in the first day, during years.

Eternal Roses

What are the advantages of an eternal rose?

Elegance: Of course, the rose, whether evergreen or not, is one of the most elegant houseplants. Existing in many different colors, thanks to its very elongated appearance and sophisticated petal mix, this type of plant will enhance any interior decoration.

Longevity: If we wanted to talk to you about the Eternal Rose, it is also because it is a plant with an infinite life span. By choosing it, you are sure to benefit from all its advantages for more than 3 years.

The price of an eternal rose: Compared to the standard roses that you have to buy regularly, the eternal rose has the advantage of being very economical. For only a few dozen euros, you will have a long-lasting plant that will save you from having to go to the florist several times a month, which will result in significant financial savings.


Ease of maintenance: Finally, as we will see later, the other advantage of the Eternal Rose is its ease of maintenance. Whether you have a green thumb or not, in any case, the maintenance of your Eternal Rose will not pose any difficulty.

Romanticism pushed to the extreme with the eternal rose!

Giving a traditional rose is already a romantic act because this flower is unique and symbolizes your love for a loved one.

But when it is immortal, the rose symbolizes eternal love, which will allow you to be even more romantic.


Don't bother looking for a romantic gift idea to prove your love, an everlasting rose is a perfect gift, and when choosing it, you won't go wrong.


It's true that it can be tempting to think of an Eternal Rose as a relatively minimalist gift that needs to be accompanied by other gifts to be effective. However, don't succumb to this temptation and let the Eternal Rose do the work for you. By being given alone, it will be the center of attention, but also and above all, it will be the very symbol of true love, without excess or artifice, and this is precisely why it is the favorite gift of lovers.

Where to buy an eternal rose?

There are many sellers of everlasting roses today, so it is possible to find this type of plant at any price. However, as we mentioned in this article, to become eternal, the rose must undergo a very specific treatment that is not accessible to everyone.

To ensure that you find an eternal rose that is of the highest quality and can remain as refined as on the first day, make the choice to trust a recognized specialist. That's why we offer you the best eternal rose creations here, which will allow you to live an unforgettable experience and give the most beautiful gift.

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