Why do women like flowers so much?

There are a million reasons (or excuses) a girl could give you to justify her blind love for flowers, but we thought we'd do a little more research and go beyond the typical explanations to see what makes women love flowers so much? The results might surprise you!

A little history on why women love flowers
The history of the use of floral arrangements dates back to Egyptian times, when pharaohs placed flowers in vases to decorate tables, used them for funeral processions or to adorn their war chariot before going into battle.

On the other hand, Egyptian women also loved flowers, as they were an important aspect of their lives. They loved fresh flower arrangements and were the first to immortalize them in the form of artificial flowers using certain materials.

Later, in medieval times, women liked flowers because of their smell; they used them as perfume rather than decoration. At that time, bathing was a luxury to have and people did not bathe very often. So to minimize their body odor, women used bouquets of scented flowers to smell fresh and beautiful on their wedding day.

We are women today who live in a fast-paced world, surrounded by technology all the time, and often forget to stop and look at something beautiful and breathe for a second.

As busy women, between our jobs, families, friends, hobbies and interests, we feel like we are always on the go. A great way to remind ourselves to pause and appreciate a second is to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers, especially if it's for a special occasion. Whether it's a birthday, promotion, Valentine's Day, anniversary or newborn, women love flowers and all the perks that come with them.

How is this possible?

According to this study published by the State University of New Jersey, flowers offer us a simple way to improve our emotional health by triggering happy emotions and memories, increasing feelings of contentment, and promoting good and healthy social behavior.

The research team explored this relationship between the brain and flowers over a 10-month period, focusing on participants' behavioral and emotional responses to flower contact. Most of the participants were women, however, for some specific instances of the study, both women and men were evaluated. Some of the findings of the study include:

The different colors of flowers can have a positive impact on our mental health through chromotherapy or color therapy. This type of therapy uses colors to stimulate emotions and happy thoughts.
Flowers have a direct impact on happiness. Indeed, all participants, men and women and of all age groups, expressed sincere and enthusiastic smiles upon receiving a bouquet of flowers, showing their joy and gratitude.

Staring at flowers was also found to be beneficial for long-term mood. Study participants reported feeling less depressed, less anxious and less stressed after receiving or looking at flowers, showing that they were delighted and overall satisfied with their lives.

Flowers bring them closer together. It is also believed that flowers create intimate bonds, increasing interaction with family and friends. This is why it is beneficial to place flowers in our homes, especially when we have guests, to boost our social mood.

Flowers can boost memory effects in both men and women. When presented to elderly participants (+55 years old), the flowers made them feel positive in general and showed an improvement in episodic memory (a person's unique memory for a specific event).

And there you have it! Flowers can have a real and positive impact on women's lives, feelings and emotions, making them actually feel happier. While it has been established throughout history that women love flowers, this study has shown that men can also enjoy the benefits of a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Flowers are beautiful and they stand out. They deserve to be appreciated, and looking at a bouquet of flowers can be the perfect brief, relaxing break in a busy day to relieve stress and boost our energy levels. With flowers, you will be able to manage your daily and long-term moods in a healthy, natural and beautiful way.

If you need arrangements for a special occasion, please contact us. At The Luxury Box, we have a range of beautiful and sophisticated flowers to suit all of our clients' needs. We are very flexible with our arrangements and can provide additional gifts if the occasion calls for it.

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