When he was only eighteen years old, Mr.LuxBox
made a decision that would not only change his life, but also that of his loved ones: he would become a gift designer for the happiness of all!


Son of a shopkeeper father and a housewife mother, Mr.Luxbox had a peaceful life in the heart of the European capital, Brussels.
A comfortable life provided by his father until a traumatic event disrupts the comfort of him and his loved ones

Story of a life


One winter night, Mr. LuxBox's father's company went bankrupt and was deemed unable to continue operations.

Everything changed for the LuxBox family, because this news had the effect of a hurricane that swept everything in its path.

That day, this family sadly learned the true meaning of failure and defeat


Soon, Mr.LuxBox wanted to provide for his family while he was still a child, working to spoil those who have always been the most important to him, his family!

While his situation was hanging by a thread, he met the people who would later become his team. His different encounters turned his way of thinking upside down, which awakened in Mr.LuxBox many new perspectives.

Mr.LuxBox was only eighteen years old, he made the decision that would not only change his own life but also that of his loved ones: He would become a creator of prestigious gifts


The know-how of Mr.LuxBox as a gift designer goes back further than the creation of our design house. Mr.LuxBox started his apprenticeship with a famous Brussels florist

At the time, when the way of offering flowers, which is nothing else but the oldest gift of the humanity seemed to lose its charm and its coast, the heart of the lovers of generosity asked for help to the different craftsmen to innovate and embellish the way in which they would offer their presents

Through hard work and perseverance, Mr.LuxBox has quickly established himself as a renowned artist in his studio in the capital.
He first became a reference in the sector of floral craftsmanship which requires a rare know-how.

Legend has it that in order to gain more and more experience, he created hundreds of gift boxes to give to his relatives and the people of Brussels, judging his creations by the smiles on their faces.


Despite his meteoric success, Mr.Luxbox could not accept the fact that his floral works did not survive any longer, this frustration created an obstinacy to immortalize his works, and thanks to his hard work, he managed to conceive his treasure!

The design of a true eternal rose, a flower that would allow Mr.LuxBox to preserve his works!


After his floral creations became world famous in the 4 corners of the globe. He decided to create The Luxury Box, our creative house whose mission is to make as many people as possible happy.

For this, Mr.LuxBox and its team of experienced designers have decided to make original gifts for the happiness of your loved ones because we know very well that giving and receiving gifts will give you a smile on your face and will allow us to pass on happiness for many years to come!

In order to give even more meaning to your generosity, we have decided to also offer a percentage of our profits to certain charities.

You can follow our adventures via social networks and order to please our loved ones and our artisans

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Cuty Love Pack - 60€ (in French)

Pack containing 1 small rose bear and 1 large rose bear

Wary Frame Pack - 50€.

Pack containing 1 small bear of roses and 1 personalized frame

Kiss Love Pack - 80€ (in French)

Pack containing 1 Kiss Box and 1 indoor spray

Pack - Lovely Cuty - 300

Pack containing 1 Golden Love Box and 1 heart of chocolates

Love Jewelry Pack - 80€ (in French)

Pack containing 1 small bear of roses and 1 luminous Jewelry Box

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