Where to buy a pink bear?

Are you looking for a flower bear? You ask yourself the following question - Where to find a flower bear to give a gift to your loved ones?

You want to buy a flower bear and get a good deal without the risk of having bad surprises?

For several years now, the flower bears have the side, it is rare to find a gift so complete that will please both children and adults, the flower bear comes in several colors and you could surely see on Instagram photos of red flower bears during the summer or then white flower bears in winter...

In 2022, the rose bear was one of the most popular gifts in France and Belgium

According to a market study made in Brussels, the flower bear filled more than 20,000 Belgians and more than 100,000 French this year alone.

It is therefore understandable that you have asked yourself, like more than 200,000 French and Belgian people, where to buy a flower bear to make an original gift that will mark the spirit of the person who receives it, but also of the person who offers it

Nevertheless, we must warn you when you are looking for eternal pink bears on the internet or in a store, you must be very careful with the products that are presented, because some sellers do not hesitate to expose flower bears of very poor quality, the flowers are unfortunately not up to par.

For this reason, you must be very careful about the stores you go to to buy your flower bears

In this article, we will show you how to know if a pink bear is quality and where to buy them.

Why buy a bear in pink?

Forget about the traditional rose bouquets that you give every year and that no longer create surprise. Nowadays, the originality of your gifts brings a real sense of surprise and a new pleasure. When you buy a rose bear, you will discover the pleasure of giving a unique box.

These flower plushies are a mix between a teddy bear and a beautiful bouquet of eternal roses. The assembly of these 2 gifts resulted in the rose bear which is a perfect gift to decorate your home and to express your feelings to your loved ones.

You can give a flower bear for several occasions

  • Rose Bears for Christmas
  • Rose Bears for Valentine's Day
  • Rose Bears for Easter
  • Rose Bears for Birthdays
  • Rose bear as a thank you

In addition to being a beautiful decoration, the flower bear is a gift that your loved ones will remember

Is it really a bear of eternal roses?

First of all, you have to know that this eternal rose bear has the denomination eternal when these roses are not really eternal roses, they are perfumed moss flowers, but the denomination moss rose bear does not give the same magic

The advantage of giving a bear in eternal pink?

By giving an everlasting rose bear, you are giving an elegant and lasting gift. Once your bear has been given, the person who has been lucky enough to receive this magnificent box will be able to enjoy the beauty of the roses of this bear for a long time to come.

In addition, the flower bear is maintenance free, there is no need to water or spray water on them to get a perfect look

With the artificial rose bear, you can finally offer a splendid bouquet of flowers at an affordable price

Beware of counterfeits

On the internet you can find all kinds of pink bears. Some sites sell them at exorbitant prices while you can find your rose bears cheap. Even worse, there are sellers who send poor quality products and are aware that what they have just sent will not last long. Of course, on their stores they present beautiful, bulky and colorful stuffed animals. These products are in such high demand that some people don't care about offering a nice flower bear, but prefer to design them in a hurry.

When you want to order an eternal pink bear, you must always be aware of certain stores and check the following criteria. The assembly must be of good quality. The roses must be arranged without gaps or visible holes. There should be no large spots of glue or imperfections that are too visible. If there is a small amount of rose, it indicates that the product is not well finished.

If the delivery time is more than 3 weeks then you are sure that this one will be of bad quality because these bears generally come from Asia

Flower bears from The Luxury Box

At The Luxury Box, our pink bears are of superior quality (A++)

Our wish is to compose the most beautiful rose bears that exist in order to make beautiful gifts that will amaze your loved ones. All of our rose bears is handmade by our florists.

For the production of each of our rose bears, we use, depending on the model, several hundred foam flowers that have been selected and sorted by hand beforehand. Of course, we only use quality materials that have been proven and validated by our flower decoration specialists. The roses are made from soft-textured foam so that our stuffed animals have a pleasant touch. These will remain untouched for a long time, because they are eternal roses.

In addition to impeccable quality, our big advantage is that we can deliver quickly in the whole world. Right after you place your order, your package is shipped within a few business days. In addition, we guarantee a refund in case you are not satisfied (see "Return Policy").

You can order our flower bears directly in our online store

➡️ https://www.theluxurybox.fr

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