The best flowers to say congratulations

The best flowers to say congratulations

When it comes to celebrate steps and important moments of lifea text message or a phone call is not always enough !

If a friend or relative Celebrating an important moment in one's life, sending flowers is a more tangible gift that conveys your desire to share in their joy. Whether it's the purchase of your friend's first home, the birth of your neighbor's child, or of a professional success of your partner, a flower gifts well chosen is a way meaningful to show your interest.


There are many wonderful moments in life and it is necessary take the time to recognize them and celebrate them when they happen to our loved ones.

So, if you're wondering what kind of floral arrangement congratulations send, our florists have put together their tips to help you find the perfect flowers for the perfect moment.

The best flowers to say congratulations

Yellow roses make great congratulations for a new job

The best flowers to say congratulations

If someone you know has just get the job of your dreamssending a bright and cheerful bouquet of flowers is a great way to tell her "well done". Yellow roses are a good choice because they symbolize friendship and joy. They have an aspect bright and cheerfulx and make you want to smile - but being roses, they also have an elegant and refined beauty. It is a beautiful combination of feelings to wish your friend or loved one good luck as he or she begins a new stage in his career.

The other consideration here is whether to send flowers for a new job in their home, or to their new workplace. It really depends on the person.

For example, if she doesn't like to be the center of attentionIf she is not in the spotlight, it is best to send congratulatory flowers to her home. On the other hand, if she is not bothered by the spotlight, a delivery on his new workplace will certainly be appreciated, especially if you send an arrangement in a vase ready to be placed on her desk.

Lilies, roses and gerberas are the best flowers for a new baby

The best flowers to say congratulations

Flowers and congratulatory balloons have long been a favorite way to send your best wishes to parents of a new baby. If the new member is a girl, you can opt for traditional roses and purples - lilies, roses or gerberas are popular options, either alone or in a mixed bouquet.

If you are looking for blue for a new baby boyan arrangement with blue irisescontrasting with happy gerberas and yellow roses are an excellent choice.

White flowers are also much appreciatedbecause they represent purity and innocence. A luxurious arrangement of white gerberas, lilies or roses and some greenery will brighten up the hospital room or home. For congratulatory flowers for a new baby with a little more fantasyyou can opt for rainbow roses - they are incredibly bright, colorful and symbolize happiness.

Florist's advice Before arranging a flower delivery to celebrate a new baby, check with the hospital to see if there are any rules about flowers. Also keep in mind that hospital stays can be quite short these days. If you can't send flowers to the hospital in time, it may be best to surprise the new parents at home.

Send congratulatory flowers for a diploma? Pick lilies or tulips

The best flowers to say congratulations

Passing an important exam or obtain a university degree is a huge achievement and sending a bouquet of bright gerberas conveys a joyful congratulatory message. Other ideas for congratulatory flowers for the graduation ceremonyWe can cite an arrangement that puts in scene orange lilies or elegant tulips.

The orange lilies represent the energy, trust, passion and life satisfaction - These are all strong feelings as the young graduate begins the journey to his or her chosen career or further education.

In addition, they can also represent honor and respectwhich lets them know how well you are doing. admire their work.

White roses are common for congratulations on an engagement

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To celebrate the news of the engagementof beautiful white roses make a wonderful gift to the happy couple. Symbolizing purity and innocencethey are a preferred choice for weddings and engagements that mark a new beginning.

If you prefer something a little less traditionalyou can opt for sunflowers - bright, happy and representing longevitythey are flowers of congratulations ideal for an engagement!

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