The most expected jewels in summer 2020

Jewelry for your summer 2020!

Summer is closer than we think! It's high time to think about your outfit for the summer period. While it's easier for you to choose when it comes to matching your outfit with sandals, a skirt or dress, a super chic jacket, it's sometimes harder to accessorize your outfit. The Luxury Box gives you all the expected 2020 trends in jewelry, so you'll always be up to date.


Regarding this year's trendy earrings

No more hiding behind your hair. Earrings are an unmistakable fashion accessory, and this summer of 2020, you better think big!

The big pendants

You have undoubtedly seen them on the catwalks, sometimes disproportionate rolling up to the waist: the large pendants are back. In the form of chain, fan of all colors, silver or gold, there is for all tastes. With, you risk to make many jealous.

Go out with asymmetrical curls

Do you have an eccentric look or are you looking for an outfit to personalize with an original touch? Dare to wear asymmetrical earrings! One round, one square, one small, one very long. For all those with short hair, this is the fashion accessory of the season. For long hair, tie your hair to the side and tie your long curl on the open part. A look that can be casual chic and very sexy for a cocktail party.

Ear caps, from rings to ear decorations

Understand that ear cuffs refer to earrings that surround the lobe or the upper part of the ear. With the headpieces, it is possible to opt for colored rings (fluorescent colors are making a comeback, ideal for a party), or prefer original patterns. The plant has its place in fashion today, so it is possible to find ear caps in the form of flower or leaf, for a very elegant look.

The intertwined loops

You could not miss them. For some time now, earrings can be formed by two intertwined rings, giving length and playing with shapes. This ultra-feminine look is perfect for summer or winter - a trend that we think is likely to become timeless.

Long, long and long necklaces

The fashion of the long is once again found in the necklaces. This year 2020 the summer fashion gets rid of discreet jewelry and prefers the size. Our advice: assume to 100% a vertiginous necklace on a plunging neckline.

Visible links

In the spirit of a necklace, many designers offer necklaces with visible links. Prefer refined mesh in gold, this year's favorite color. These necklaces, inspired by chain, are completely trendy and linked to the clothing chains that are making a comeback on the catwalk. However, be careful not to dress up with a clothing chain and a necklace with a visible mesh, otherwise you miss the current trend.


Do you know stacking? No ? It's a trend that has been going strong since last year and is back in force for this summer 2020: the accumulation of necklaces. From chokers to long necklaces, it's possible to add several as long as they are in the same spirit in terms of decorations as colors. Don't mix silver and gold, or you'll miss your accessorizing!

Rhinestones and stones

Who doesn't like to shine? Rhinestone necklaces, with small diamonds along the length, have been spotted on the catwalks of several fashions weeks. Perfect for those who like to shine all day. If you love gems, you will be fulfilled this year. Many houses offer indeed necklaces set with one or more gems.

Logo jewelry

Store brands for the mass market, or our daily life, appear on our ears. A bit in the spirit of miniature bag necklaces, the logos are an original touch but that not all women dare to wear.


Gold, silver or colored, the rings refine your hands and give you a mysterious and sexy look. This year's themes are precious stones, nature .... In other words, the possibilities to dress your fingers are multiple, and stacking is also allowed for casual or punk looks.


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