Buy everlasting flowers for Mother's Day

Find out where to buy everlasting flowers for Mother's Day this year 2021

As Mother's Day approaches, finding the perfect flowers to celebrate this beautiful occasion is a top priority. Did you know that flowers have different connotations and are suitable for different types of moms? Our florists have put together the perfect guide to choosing the perfect flowers for your mom.

Flowers that represent different types of mothers

While Mother's Day gifts and gift sets are important, the tradition of giving Mother's Day bouquets is a must. There are a variety of flowers and plants that make Mother's Day extra special, and there is also the option to personalize the gift.

First, choose the right plant or bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day. The most popular flowers for mothers are lilies, which symbolize devotion, purity and motherhood, stately roses, which have a connotation of love and appreciation, and eustomas, which are a sign of peace, happiness and harmony.

You can also select flowers in specific colors that represent different personalities. Beautiful bouquets in white or light pink show an innocent, angelic and pure nature. If your mother is a bit adventurous, fun-loving and joyful, beautiful bouquets in brighter colors like pink will suit her better. Purple flowers are more eccentric and would suit mothers who dare to be a little different from others.

Mother's Day flower delivery

Order flowers from The Luxury Box couldn't be easier. Choose your flowers and order online. We offer free delivery in France and Belgium.

For the ultimate surprise, we can also have your gift delivered on Mother's Day! Please feel free to contact our hotline for any help or customization.

Flowers for Mother's Day

Our dedicated florists have put together some beautiful flower arrangements that are sure to please any mother. Here are some of our top picks for Mother's Day 2021:

where to buy everlasting flowers for Mother's Day
where to buy everlasting flowers for Mother's Day

1. HEARTS OF ETERNAL ROSES (70.00€) : Nothing is more beautiful than sending a magnificent bouquet to your mother. Colorful and fragrant, only the most elegant floral gift could be sent to her for Mother's Day. Bathed in the heavenly scent of lovely and delicate lilies, wonderful ranunculus and fresh eucalyptus leaves.
Simple and sweet, it's the perfect gift to express how much you love her and what she means to you.

Heart of Eternal Roses - Reviews
Heart of Eternal Roses - Reviews

2. A BEAR OF ETERNAL ROSES (EUR: 60.00€): Show how much you appreciate your mother at this year's celebration with this beautiful bouquet. It offers a cute combination of fragrant flowers, pretty roses of all colors. The Teddy Box is a unique and precious gift from home.
Elegant and classy this bears in roses will be a wonderful home decoration.
Inspired by the luxury and the French romanticism, this marvel will please by its presence and will seduce all your close relations.

A must-have item ideal for your gifts

Bear of eternal roses
Eternal Rose Bear - The Luxury Box

3. A ROSE UNDER A BELL (EUR: 50.00€): If you are looking for a special gift to show your mother how important she is, the eternal rose black is a immortal flower. This magic rose needs neither maintenance nor light. It brings a touch of chic and luxurious to your home by embodying French romanticism. Its immortality evokes the daily life a pleasant smell of memories and of feelings

This is one of the most popular Mother's Day gifts of 2021.

We hope that this article has enlightened you on "Where to buy everlasting flowers for Mother's Day?"

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