3 reasons to have flowers in your home

Flowers add a beautiful and natural aesthetic to any interior, creating a sense of calm and a welcoming environment. From the delicious smell of a blooming rose to the bright, eye-catching hues of a yellow sunflower, flowers give a home a sense of life. We can all agree that these beauties are pleasing to the senses. However, there are many hidden benefits that you may not even be aware of.

  1. Mood enhancers
    Studies have shown that having fresh flowers in your environment can have a direct link to improving your mood. A Harvard University study found that flowers encourage compassion, can decrease anxiety and cultivate happiness. Our farm fresh flowers are not only beautiful, they also make you feel good!
  2. Improves memory
    When you keep flowers in your home or workplace, the areas of your brain associated with memories get more frequent exercise! This is because our brains often associate a smell with memories. The next time you admire your Bear's Blooms roses or lilies, take a moment to think of a memory you associate with that scent.
  3. Multiple health benefits
    Whether it's improving sleep, reducing stress or even helping to fight the common cold, flowers are natural healers! The natural, fresh scent of flowers can promote sleep, and the combination of moisture and oxygen they produce helps combat a variety of health issues.

Have you enjoyed having The Luxury Box flower bouquets in your home? Check out our most recent blog post, which features our top tips for keeping your flowers blooming!

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